Curriculum Vitae


The Expanse                                                                                                                   (2017)

  • Set Dresser

Condor Season 1 – On-Set Props & Builder                                                            (2017)

  • On Set Key – 2nd Unit
  • Props Builder


The Strain Season 4 – Assistant Key On-Set Props                                                (2017)

  • Assistant Key
  • On Set Key – 2nd Unit


Reign Season 4 On-Set Props – Show Call                                                            (2016)

  • Props design and construction
  • On-set assistant
  • 2nd Unit on set key props


Props & Set Decoration: CBC, All For One – Debbie Travis, Halifax                 (2010)        

  • CBC Reality TV show, All For One.
  • Construction and carpentry
  • Sewing
  • Traveling
  • Managing the props truck
  • Assistant set decoration




2015 Little Stinker; Harcourt House Edmonton AB

2015 Beer Tent for Girls; University of Alberta Feminist Gallery Edmonton AB

2014 Blastoff, FAB Gallery; Edmonton AB

2013 I Am The Fire, collaboration with Mackenzy Albright & Rachelle Browen,

The Drawing Room; Edmonton AB

2010 Everyone Knew What Had to Happen, 2387 Gallery; Halifax NS

2008 The Forest: A Diorama, Anna Leonowens Gallery; Halifax NS



2017 For Soraya, Art Gallery of Alberta; Edmonton AB

2015 High Tide-After Biopolitics, SLSA Duke University; Texas, USA

2015 Blue Christmas, Nuit Blanch; Edmonton AB

2015 Stagger Left, Art Gallery of Alberta Biennial; Edmonton AB

2015 Sick Day, Creative Practices Institute; Edmonton AB

2015 Only Boring People, SNAP Window Front; Edmonton AB

2014 Half of an Ode, FAB U of A Gallery; Edmonton AB

2014 Ode, Jackson Power Gallery; Edmonton AB

2014 Limo Performance, A Record of Events, Harcourt House; Edmonton AB

2014 Drawing Practice & Tom, Performative Ecologies: ADGSA, DC3;

Edmonton AB

2013 The Lab, Closed Circuit: Department of Music & Kias Interactive Audio  

         Art U of A; Edmonton AB

2013 Beer Tent, Banff Center for the Arts, The Philosopher’s Knoll; Banff AB

2012 Colleen, The King and I, Anna Leonowens; Halifax NS

2012 Hockeyville Bar, Self Portrait and Colleen, Confederation Centre Art Gallery;  

         Charlottetown PEI

2011 Bird Dance and Deer Ate the Moon, collaboration with Mitchell Wiebe,

         Diefenbunker; Debert NS

2011 On Root, Khyber Gallery: document, artifacts and ephemera; Halifax NS

2010 Colleen, The King and I, Anna Leonowens; Halifax NS

2010 Garden of Love, Surf Art Show, Laughleton Gallery; Chezzetcook NS

2010 Clink, Blank & Blank, Lost & Found Gallery; Halifax NS

2009 The Bear, Seeds Gallery; Halifax NS

2009 The Deer, Art Rising & The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; Halifax NS

2009 Untitled, Eyelevel Gallery; Halifax NS

2008 The Forest: A Diorama, Cambridge Galleries: Fibreworks

The Biennial Juried Exhibition of Canadian Fiber Art; Cambridge ONT

2008 The Forest: A Diorama, Anna Leonowens Gallery; Halifax NS

2007 Dérapage, Cinémathèque Québécoise, Minute Moments Film;

Montréal QC



2015 Travel Grant; Edmonton Arts Council

2013 MicroGrant; Edmonton Arts Council

2012 GSA, Professional Development Grant; University of Alberta

2012 Grad Students and Research Scholarship and Award; U of A

2009 Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture & Heritage; CreationGrant



2014 – 2015 Harcourt House, Edmonton AB

2013 BRiC, Banff Center for the Arts, Dock(ing); or, New Economies of

Exchange; Banff AB

2008 NSCAD University Textiles Department; Halifax NS



2015 Drawing, Plug In, Winnipeg MB

2015 Drawing, Brian Webb Dance Company; Edmonton AB

2014 Turkey #4 Harcourt House; Edmonton AB

2014 Face SilkScreen, SNAP; Edmonton AB

2014 King Drawing, The Drawing Room, Yellowhead Brewery; Edmonton AB

2014 ICEland #8, Parka Patio, Latitude 53; Edmonton AB

2013 Day of Dead Prints, Snap Benefit: Dia de Los Muertos; Edmonton AB

2013 Untitled #7, Parka Patio, Latitude 53; Edmonton AB

2012 Self Portrait, Eyelevel; Halifax NS



Search Light, 2014 University of Alberta Museums and Collections



2015 SLSA, The High Tide Rice University

2015 Art Gallery of Alberta Nuit Blanche Discussion Panel

2015 University of Alberta Feminist Gallery Beer Tent for Girls

2015 Art Gallery of Alberta Stagger Left

2008 Nova Scotia College of Art and Design The Forest



2015 SLSA After Biopolitics, Rice University, Houston, Texas



2015 Artist Books and Multiples; Blue Christmas – David Dyment                                             http ://

2015 Curious Arts; A Beer Tent for Girls – TJ Jans

2014 Installation View; Ode – Jesse Sherburne

2014 Prairie Seen; Blastoff

2012 The Buzz; Self Portrait & Colleen Hockey Bar: Confederation Center Gallery; PEI

2012 Self Portrait & Colleen; Hockey Bar: Confederation Center

2010 The Coast: Everyone Knew What Had to Happen; Art Starts at Home; Nova Scotia



Contract Academic Faculty University of Alberta – Edmonton (2014 – 2015)

Principle Instructor, ART 240: Drawing I, University of Alberta – Edmonton (2014) Having designed this course for first-year students to study the principles and techniques of drawing, I included: line, shape, composition, placement, figure/ground relationship, rhythm, scale and value. We covered still life through narrative, environmental and interior space, through the lens of public art, and an introduction to the human figure and self-portraits.


Principle Instructor, ART 340: Drawing II, University of Alberta – Edmonton (2014)     This course I designed so that half is based on traditional model drawing and the other in open medium and the model, by choosing to change up the medium I engaged the students a question to role of the naked body in contemporary art. During each class, I introduced a conceptual project to familiarize students with contemporary artists.


Principle Instructor, ART 440: Intermedia, University of Alberta – Edmonton (2015)   This studio course I designed for students to explore and develop a self-directed body of work. The content of this course is diverse and I encouraged students to use a wide range of approaches and methodologies for creating contemporary art, providing students with opportunities to explore their roles as artist today and beyond academia. I ask students to increase their awareness of what constitutes creativity and their understanding of the aesthetic and intellectual aspects of art today


Teachers Assistant, University of Alberta – Edmonton (2012 – 2013)            Responsibilities included preparing work for class, grading, working with students during class and critiques, for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013: ART 240 and Winter and Summer 2013: ART 340.


 dc3 Art Projects – Edmonton (2014 – 2015)                                                                                   As Co-Gallery Manager, I maintained a commitment to helping emerging and mid-career artists to bring challenging and engaging work to the public through exhibitions, critical writing, travelling shows and international art fairs.


  • Updated and maintained gallery collections, including art sales and inventory
  • Responded to collections and acquisition enquiries from clients
  • Organized artist talks and managed online promotions
  • Installed and de-stalled exhibitions
  • Installation of booths, Sales and booth attendant for Art Toronto


 Enterprise Square, University of Alberta Museums – Edmonton (2014 – 2015)                 As Lead Preparator of a Class A institution, I had the pleasure of working with diverse groups within Fine Arts, Science and the Humanities, while continuously learning and contributing to community education for all ages through exhibitions.


  • Worked in collaboration with notable institutions, including the National War Museum, the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Paleontology department
  • Organized, installed and protected historical artifacts, fossils, reproductions and works of art
  • Set up a diverse range of projects featuring technology, including installations, interactive sound environments, electroacoustic and video


 FAB Gallery, University of Alberta – Edmonton (2012 – 2014)                                                 At the FAB Gallery as a Graduate Student of the University of Alberta where I exhibited my solo MFA show. Here I gained valuable experience in professional museum standards as Gallery Assistant and Preparator.


  • Assisted with setup and breakdown of exhibits meeting the National Gallery standard
  • Consistently demonstrated the knowledge and methods required to display and install exhibits with care and proper handling


 The Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists SNAP – Edmonton (2013 – 2015)            With the Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists, an artist-run centre, I developed the first Repeat Fabric Print class, taught a 6-week class and weekend workshops, Fabric Silkscreen classes, and participated in the Artist-as-Mentor program to encourage aspiring young artists.


 Harcourt House – Edmonton (2015)                                                                                                 At this not-for-profit organization, I was a year-long Artist-in-Residence, where I also taught the Silicone Mold-Making class to adult learners with a wide range of abilities.


 The Fleece Artist – Halifax (2009-2012)                                                                                          As Studio Technician, I was responsible for hand-dyeing many varieties of wool, silks, sea cell and other exotic fibers, dye preparation and studio upkeep, inventory and safety, and packing, shipping and receiving orders.